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Published Works

Published Works

Published Works

Papers Published in International Journals

The aging process causes the loss of subcutaneous fat and dermal collagen resulting in depressions and grooves on the face. The demand for dermal fillers to refund volume has increased. The injectable fillers should be safe, effective, long lasting and low complication rate.

Retrospective study was conducted by reviewing the medical records of reference service in plastic surgery comprising the period from February 1999 to December 2007.
We analyzed the clinical presentations of procedures performed elsewhere and treatments for late complications occurred at the institution.

A total of 31 patients were evaluated, 28 females and 3 males, with ages ranging from third to sixth decades.
The most prevalent clinical presentation were: type allergic immune reactions, foreign body granulomas and deformities displacement.
Conservative treatment was the first choice therapy with systemic administration of corticosteroids and local infiltration of steroids.
Surgical resections were performed in selected cases.

The present study indicates that injections of permanent fillers can cause complications and deformities of varying degrees and should their use be cautious.
The following late complications shows that treatment is long and difficult, both for the patient and for the surgeon.

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Papers Published in National Journals

Surgical anatomy of the spinal accessory nerve: how to avoid injuries in surgical procedures in the posterior cervical trine
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