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Radio frequency

Radio frequency

Radio frequency

The equipment has the principle of converting electrical energy into heat High Frequency tissues. The heat generated acts in different ways on cellular molecules.

By applying radiofrequency currents generated by HERTIX under the skin surface integrates the power converted into thermal energy causes the temperature rise in the region. The heating causes rapid redness, swelling and opening of small blood vessels increasing local blood flow.

Increased circulation promotes improved resorption intercellular fluid and oxygenation, aiding the elimination of toxins contained in the tissue.

The heat acts directly on the skin promoting a process of tissue repair and remodeling through the contraction of collagen, which is the main protein responsible for skin firmness and support.

The rise in temperature also stimulates the cells to produce the proteins for their own protection against heat. The stimulation of fibroblasts is particularly interesting in that they contribute to the increased production of collagen.

Radiofrequency therefore improves vascularization and oxygenation local induces remodeling of the collagen tissue and stimulates collagen production increases the lift and firm the skin.
The FREQUENCY HERTIX can be used when there is a need to raise the local heat in the region face or body to assist in the treatment process:
- Sagging Skin
- Facial wrinkles
- Sequelae of acne
- Frown lines and eye bags
- Adhesions and fibrosis late
- Cellulite with fibrosis
- Hypertrophic scars
- Improved facial and body contouring

The average session is 50 minutes and are indicated 5-10 sessions with intervals of two weeks between each session.
The patient ends the session with the skin looks normal or slightly pinkish.
There are no signs of redness at the end of the session.

Facials, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Endermologie, Superficial and Medium Peels, Laser Treatments

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