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The computer equipment is MANTHUS, accurate and versatile, comprising generating ultrasound potent and currents for the treatment of cellulite simple fibrosis cellulite and localized fat.
The device will also be used to treat pre-and postoperative lymphatic drainage and drainage of hematoma and fibrosis.


- Cellulite Grade 1
Cellulite is invisible and impalpable. There is minimal proliferation of fat cells that cause a slight swelling (edema) of the skin. It is characterized by being a brief phase circulatory and purely.

- Cellulite Grade 2
Cellulite is visible and can be felt by palpation. The fat cells increase in number and size compressing lymphatics, edema becomes less discrete when compared to Grade 1 and harden the collagen fibers. All of these changes give the skin a wavy appearance.

- Cellulite Grade 3
Cellulite easily visible to the rest and felt on palpation. Nodules appear due to worsening of presenting in grades I and II. Fat cells proliferate and invade other skin layers, bonding fibers swell and become fibrous septa. Fat cells increased and imprisoned these septa give the skin a peel-orange.

- Localized fat
Accumulation of adipose tissue (fat) in certain regions of the body. Its location varies by sex: women tend to accumulate fat cells in the hip region (“breeches”), but can vary according to their biotype. Men have a higher deposit in abdomen.

- Hidrolipoclasia
The hidrolipoclasia consists in a method of applying physiological saline and / or associated with distilled water lipolytic active ingredients. The application of ultrasound pure 3 MHz subsequent to their mechanical effect (vibration) about adipose cells, promote the disruption of cells and can be more effective in eliminating fat.

- Postoperative Recent
Program used for the immediate postoperative period and the first 10 days after surgery, preventing possible fibrosis and adhesions.

- Postoperative Late
You use this program for patients who have undergone one or more surgeries without having conducted a post-operative treatment. It is indicated, so if you have been months or years after surgery where there is the presence of fibrosis and adhesion.

- Drainage of hematomas
This program is recommended for the post-operative period when there are bruises great extent. Can be used as adjunctive resource program powder-surgical recent 1 and 2.

- Lymphatic Drainage

Slow movements directed in order to accelerate the flow and reduce lymphatic edema.

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