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Plastic Surgery of Ears <br/> Otoplasty

Plastic Surgery of Ears

Plastic Surgery of Ears

Some people are born with malformed ears, ie with different format than usual. The most common malformation is called “prominent ears”, which presents a more detached lateral border of the head, appearing to be greater. Nestses cases, the ears also feature deletion anti-helix (inner fold of the ear), giving an aspect of “satellite dish”.

The Otoplasty is surgery that corrects these changes in order to form the anti-helix and decrease the distance between the posterior surface of the ear and scalp. The surgery can be performed on patients of school age from 6 years avoiding stigma and psychological changes resulting from pranks classmates.

Anesthesia – Local anesthesia with sedation for adult patients and general anesthesia for children.
Hospitalization – The patient can be discharged the same day or at the most 24 hours.
Important avoid any trauma to the ears, even sleep on them for three weeks. Use an elastic bandage, band type, which will protect and keep their ears close to the head immobilized, the usage time of banding varies with the progress and the decision of the surgeon, 14-21 days may vary also indicated use during the day and evening.
Final Result
After surgery, the ear is already with the final format, however, there is edema and ecchymosis (bruising and swelling) to resolve in up to 21 days. The final result appears after 12 weeks.
Ideal Age
From 6 years old ears have reached their adult size and the child starts school period, so now may be submitted to surgery.
The scar is barely visible, located behind the ear, in the groove formed by the ears and skull. As this is a region with very thin skin scarring tends to be imperceptible, even some techniques using small incisions on the anterior side.
In the case of unsightly scars there are several resources to improve clinical and surgical scars, at the appropriate time. Hypertrophic scar or keloid should not be confused, however, with the natural evolution of the middle period of healing. Any questions regarding the evolution of healing should be clarified during the returns after surgery.
Time Surgery
lasts from 90 to 120 minutes, depending on the case, there are details that may prolong this time.
The scars resulting from cosmetic surgery are planned to stay in disguise and go through several stages of evolution, which didactically divided in three different times.
Immediate Period: Follow up to the 30th day. The scar presents with great respect and barely visible. Some cases have a mild reaction to the stitches or bandages.
Period Mediato: Follows the 30th day until the 12th month. In this period there will be a natural thickening of the scar, as well as changes in its color, from “red” to “green”, that will gradually clearing. This period is the least unfavorable stage, is what most worries the patients. How we can hasten the natural healing process, we recommend that patients do not worry, because the late period the task of reducing the scar remains. During this period, several treatments may be performed to improve the appearance of scars and uses silicone gel, silicone plascas, use of topical steroids and injections of steroids in the scar itself, as well as apicação laser on the scar.

Late Period: Follows from the 12th to 18th month. In this period, the scar will become clearer and less consistently reaching thus its final appearance. Any evaluation of the result definiitivo surgery should be made after this period.

Unsightly scars, Hypertrophic and keloid
The unsightly scars, hypertrophic and keloid are amenable to further surgical revisions, should it be necessary.
This happens due to anomalies in the healing that can occur in certain patients for genetic causes inflammation or infection or postoperative (less common causes).
The correction can be done through a minor surgery under local anesthesia, after a few months of evolution.
Keloid scarring, can be treated with betatherapy to minimize risk of recurrence.

This unpretentious message was drawn up in order to inform you (a) regarding the EAR SURGERY IN ABANO. Through the Site BRAZILIAN SOCIETY OF PLASTIC SURGERY ON THE INTERNET (, you can obtain further information, if desired.

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