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Brachioplasty <br/>Lifting Branchial

Lifting Branchial

Lifting Branchial

With aging, alternating weight gain and weight loss, there is an accumulation of fat and sagging arms, formed mainly excess fat and skin. Plastic surgery arms can be accomplished in several ways depending on the clinical presentation. In cases of fat accumulation of minor, liposuction can be performed, and care must be taken that it is not pronounced sagging arms after fat removal. In cases where there is accumulation of fat and moderate laxity, liposuction can be associated with skin resection with resulting scar in the axilla. In cases of accumulation of fat and sagging severe for the remodeling of the right arm, the incision is indicated including the extension of the arms inside the computer. This approach allows to remove excess tissue (skin and fat) in greater quantities.

Anesthesia – Local anesthesia with sedation or general.

Hospitalization – The patient will be admitted for 24 to 48 hours.


Dressings are changed periodically by the team initially and then by accompanying the patient in domestic environment, the removal of the stitches can be initiated around the seventh day, and shall be made in a selective way, in the days that follow. Rarely total withdrawal passes three weeks. The patient can take a full bath on the third day. Until the final result, several phases of this type of surgery, with some patients, there is some anxiety at this stage, due to some transient (edema, numbness, scarring, etc..). This is temporary and usually reflects the desire to achieve the final result as soon as possible. Strap special surgical be used 24 hours a day for 45 to 60 days.


Final Result
In the first months, the arms have relative insensitivity, besides being subject to a period of “swelling”, which resolves spontaneously. In this phase, the arms can acquire an aspect “stretched.” During the postoperative period, with targeted exercises for shaping and lymphatic drainage, gradually, the final result is achieved. Should never be regarded as a definitive result before 12 to 18 months postoperatively.


Ideal Age
Recommended for patients with major weight loss, at any age (skin resection only) and also in patients with accumulation of fat and skin that cause body imbalance.


The scar can only be liposuction, in the axillary region or in the arm extension in most cases of tissue removal. The scar on the arm extension is planned to be concealed on the inside of the arm and passed through several stages of evolution.
Surgery time – on average 1-3. hours. This period may be extended if the case require more time.


The scars resulting from cosmetic surgery are planned to stay in disguise and go through several stages of evolution, which didactically divided in three different times.

Immediate Period: Follow up to the 30th day. The scar presents with great respect and barely visible. Some cases have a mild reaction to the stitches or bandages.

Period Mediato: Follows the 30th day until the 12th month. In this period there will be a natural thickening of the scar, as well as changes in its color, from “red” to “green”, that will gradually clearing. This period is the least unfavorable stage, is what most worries the patients. How we can hasten the natural healing process, we recommend that patients do not worry, because the late period the task of reducing the scar remains. During this period, several treatments may be performed to improve the appearance of scars, such as the use of silicone gel, silicone plates, topical corticosteroids and corticosteroid infiltration in the scar itself, as well as the application of laser on the scar.

Late Period: Follows from the 12th to 18th month. In this period, the scar will become clearer and less consistently reaching thus its final appearance. Any evaluation of the result definiitivo surgery should be made after this period.

Unsightly scars, Hypertrophic and keloid
The unsightly scars, hypertrophic and keloid are amenable to further surgical revisions, should it be necessary.
This happens due to anomalies in the healing that can occur in certain patients for genetic causes inflammation or infection or postoperative (less common causes).
The correction can be done through a minor surgery under local anesthesia, after a few months of evolution.
Keloid scarring, can be treated with betatherapy to minimize risk of recurrence.


This unpretentious message was drawn up in order to inform you (a) regarding the mentoplasty INCREASE. Through the Site BRAZILIAN SOCIETY OF PLASTIC SURGERY ON THE INTERNET (, you can obtain further information, if desired.

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